Come along with us as we delve into the 9th edition of the Community Digest! Once more, we’re filled with excitement to offer you a compilation of invaluable contributions from community members spanning the globe.

If you have insights of your own to share, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. In this edition, we’ve also gathered a list of thrilling Shopware-related events. We trust you’ll relish the fantastic content we’ve prepared for your enjoyment.


Recent Blog Post  

Point-of-Sale with Shopware and Mollie by boxlinkracer 

Login/Registration in Shopware 6: Customising and Managing Accounts by 2hatslogic

How to Export Custom Fields from Shopware 6 by Firebear Studio

Supercharging Your Shopware 6 Store with Improved Data Mapping: Import & Export Guide by Firebear Studio

How to Handle Out-of-Stock Products in Shopware 6: Revealing Dangers & Unlock Hidden Possibilities  by Firebear Studio

How to Create Custom Column Sorting During Shopware 6 Export by Firebear Studio

How to Apply Default Values During Shopware 6 Export by Firebear Studio

Shopware AI Copilot vs Shopify Sidekick: Detailed Comparison 2023 by Elsner

Gross and Net-Switch for B2B and B2C Shops built with Composable Frontends by Brocksinet

Laravel as baseline for Magento or Shopware developers? by Yireo

Removing Shopware JS plugins for real by Yireo

Next.js vs React – A Beginner’s Guide by Necati Özmen

Which Shopware license should you pick for your project? by BitBag

How to Create a Plugin in Shopware 6 by folio3

100 Beste AI Tools voor e-commerce by H1 (dutch)

B2B verkopen? Stap 3 en Stap 4 om een winstgevende webshop te creëren by H1 (dutch)

B2B verkopen? Stap 5, Stap 6, en Stap 7 om een winstgevende webshop te creëren by H1 (dutch)

Shopware 6 Cronjob einrichten: Eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung by atloss (german)

Social Shopping in Facebook und Instagram by rundeacht (german)

Shopware vs. Shopify by intoCommerce (german)

Selbstgehostete GitHub Actions für Docker Compose-Deployment: Ein Leitfaden by J&J Ideenschmiede (german)

Der große Vergleich -Shopware vs. Magento by esono (german)

Shopware Fulfillment. Logistik und Versand für Shopware Shops by Beckmann (german)

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) Guide für E-Commerce Händler in Deutschland by Beckmann (german)

GMV – Gross Merchandise Value. Die E-Commerce Kennzahl verstehen und optimieren by Beckmann (german)

EU Fulfillment. Mit E-Commerce Fulfillment nach Europa expandieren by Beckmann (german)

Shopware PageSpeed Optimierung – so wird Ihr Shop richtig schnell by positionone (german)

Shopware 6 Cronjob einrichten: Eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung by Atloss (german)

Aktuelle Zahlen und Fakten für E-Commerce-Profis (4. Quartal 2023) by splended internet (german)

Shopwareのレビュー機能とは  by principleworks (japanese)

ShopwareのManufacturer機能とは by principleworks (japanese)


Upcoming Community Events 

14.11.2023 Shopware Meetup Hamburg / Hamburg – Germany

 16.11.2023 Hello Shopware Belgium / Antwerpen – Belgium

17.11.2023 Community Breakfast Special / online event

23.11.2023 Kellerkinder Barcamp / Mannheim – Germany

29.11.2023 Shopware Meetup Frankfurt / Frankfurt – Germany


Upcoming exhibitons/events with Shopware presence:

02.-03.11.2023 Retail NXT / Bad Vilbel – Germany

15. – 16.11.2023 Strategiegipfel B2B E-Commerce & E-Business / Berlin – Germany

16.11.2023 ECC Web Talks / digtal event

23.-24.01.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht – Netherlands 



Shopware Abo Feature – Abonnement-Funktion für Deinen Shopware Shop | Tutorial by ebakery (german)

Shopware 6 Flow Builder – Rule Builder vs. Flow Builder – Wo liegen die Unterschiede? by ebakery (german)

Shopware 6 Dynamische Produktgruppen | #14 Kostenloser Kurs für Händler by studiosolid (german)

Shopware 6 Bewertungen | #15 Kostenloser Kurs für Händler by studiosolid (german)

Shopware 6 Digitale Produkte | #16 Kostenloser Kurs für Händler by studiosolid (german)

Shopware 6 Medien | #17 Kostenloser Kurs für Händler by studiosolid (german)




Commerce Famous 009 – Lindy Crea | Building Partnerships, from the Clinton Foundation to Klarna and ReCharge by Ben Marks

Commerce Famous 010 – Andrew Youderian | How to Build a No-BS Community for Entrepreneurs by Ben Marks

Warum du dich bei Google oder Meta Ads mit deinem Shop verbrannt hast by shopstudio (german)

Warum dein eCommerce-Tracking über Google Tag Manager laufen sollte  by shopstudio (german)

Shopware und SEO: Interview mit Marcel Krippendorf by Jaeckert O´Daniel (german)

Die Klickrate (CTR): Der geheime Rankingfaktor by Jaeckert O´Daniel (german)

Wie du einen erfolgreichen Newsletter entwickelst: Interview mit Franziska Bluhm by Jaeckert O´Daniel (german)

ECD#26 – Mit Shane Forster von | Über Bewertungen, SaaS-Modelle und extrem kompetitive Märkte by E-commerce decoded (german)

EDC#27 – Mit Martin Picard von Störtebekker | Eine 7-stellige D2C-Brand aufbauen und ein Familienunternehmen übernehmen by E-commerce decoded (german)

EDC#28 – Mit Moritz Lambrecht von Adspecialist | So viel kosten Platzierungen bei Youtube, Twitch & Co. by E-commerce decoded (german)

EDC#29 – Mit Lorenz Greiner von NaughtyNuts | 7-stellige Umsätze, 8-stellige Bewertungen und die Insolvenz by E-commerce decoded (german)


Content created by Shopware: 

The “grow at all costs” era is over – A webinar with Shopware featuring Forrester

Product News: Discover the new features in October 2023!

Shopware Composable Frontends in Action – A real-life example with Miriam Müller

Overview of the settings (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Customize your number ranges individually ! (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Add variants to a product (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Die Zukunft des B2B-Sales ist Hybrid: Entdecke die Macht von Digital Sales Rooms (german)

Product News: Das sind die neuen Features aus Oktober 2023! (german)

Einstellungen – Übersicht (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Nummernkreise verwalten (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Varianten zu einem Produkt hinzufügen (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)


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