Shopware United has established its own Slack workspace, providing a dedicated platform for community members to connect and exchange ideas. This workspace is designed to foster collaboration and discussion within the Shopware ecosystem. Joining this community is easy; simply follow the link below to sign up.


Join us on slack


Within the Shopware United Slack workspace, various channels have been created to cater to different aspects of the Shopware community. These channels include:

#00_general This is the central hub for general discussions and announcements within the community.

#01_introduce-yourself New members can introduce themselves here, allowing for a warm welcome and the opportunity to get to know fellow community members.

#02_customer-cases Share your success stories and discuss customer cases related to Shopware.

#03_sw-editions-and-sales Dive into discussions about different Shopware editions and sales strategies.

#04_help-and-emergencies For those in need of immediate assistance or facing emergencies, this channel is the go-to place for support.

#05_events-and-meetups Stay updated on upcoming Shopware events and meetups, and discuss your experiences with the community.

#06_plugins-and-apps Explore the world of Shopware plugins and apps, exchange recommendations, and seek advice.

Join the Shopware United Slack workspace today to become a part of this thriving community, share your knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals in the world of Shopware. We look forward to seeing you there!