Shopware United exists to deliver on a range of projects. The projects we have underway at present are:

Community Voice Project

Shopware United aims to provide a forum for all community members to make suggestions and give feedback to Shopware. We aim to gather feedback from a variety of sources such as community events, online feedback submission etc, discuss this feedback amongst the community and then present this feedback to Shopware. We want to ensure that everybody has the chance to contribute feedback – without drowning Shopware in a cacophony of Noise!
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Shopware Solution Specialist

We aim to create a qualification that recognises the importance of good Commercial and Project Management skills, and their effect of delivering successful ecommerce projects.
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Shopware United Coffee and Learn

This project is creating collaborative relationships between agencies so that developers can gain in knowledge and confidence and
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Got a Suggestion for a new project?

We are always interested in ideas for projects that we can assist with or develop. Submit your ideas on what we can do to help the Shopware Community thrive!

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