Shopware United exists to deliver on a range of projects. The Projects we have underway at present are

Shopware Solution Specialist

We aim to create a qualification that recognises the importance of good Commercial and Project Management skills, and their effect of delivering successful ecommerce projects.
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Shopware United Coffee and Learn

This project is creating collaborative relationships between agencies so that developers can gain in knowledge and confidence and
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    Rewarding Contributions
    9 months agoopen
    How is Shopware going to reward agencies or developers in the future, which do (larger) contributions?
  • 6
    Distributing code and plugins
    9 months agoopen
    Shopware has its extension store, with thousands of different plugins. The requirements to get plugins into the community store are pretty high. If developers do have plugins, which we could offer to ... Read more...
  • 3
    Shopware in new markets
    9 months agoopen
    We are trying to place Shopware in a market that is not currently on Shopware's radar. To do this, we need to program many basic plugins to connect to the ecosystem. How can Shopware support us here i... Read more...
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