Our second edition of our community digest summarizing community contributions from March 2023. Once again community members have created lots of great things, which we put together and share with all. If you like the articles, please let the authors know. Donate applause, shares, stars or share the posts with others. Maybe you also want to become a content contributor in the future.

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Recent Blog Post  

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Getting started with Shopware 6 by Klaviyo

How to organize code in Shopware 6 projects by divante

How to use Google Shopping for your Shopware 6 store by EXWE

Create a vue.js composable and call any API within Shopware Frontends by BrocksiNet

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Why you should connect Shopware 6 with Amazon Pay by shopstudio

Choosing the best PIM solution for Shopware by Bitbag

The role of mobile commerce in online shopping: Benefits, stats and future by Bitbag

Format on Save – How to debug errors you didn’t make by Ninja Army (Joschi)

Shopware 6 – CMS Base Elements by Ninja Army (Joschi)

CMS Single FAQ – Shopware 6 by Ninja Army (Joschi)

OXID CE against Shopware CE by alexukua

A Shopware Academy in June by Yireo

Shopware 5 End Of Life – Interview mit safefive by maxcluster (german)


Shopware 6: API-Token in Postman automatisch aktualisieren by Matthias Zeis (german)

Wie kann man die Ladezeit von Shopware B2B-Shops mit 1.5 Mio Produkten optimieren? by B2Bsellers (german)

Headless, Composable Commerce oder MACH mit Shopware 6 by splended internet (german)

Shopware 5 End Of Life – Interview mit safefive by maxcluster (german)

Shopware mit PIM integrieren by webiprog (german)

Onlineshop Performance: Verstehen, um was es geht (1) by snafu (german)

Warum brauchen Sie Usability Analyse Ihres Onlineshops? by Kennersoft (german)

Der Wechsel von Shopware 5 auf Version 6: So klappt es by Löwenstark (german)

Shopware – jakie możliwości daje ta platforma e-commerce? by bluemedia (polish)

W jaki sposób platformy eCommerce pomagają w zwiększeniu sprzedaży i konwersji by bstok (polish)


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SHOPIFY vs SHOPWARE | Welches Shopysystem passt zu euch? by addictive one 



#99 Shopware stellt GPT3 AI Features außerplanmäßig vor + die NdW by E-COMMERCE Dudes 

#100 Jubiläum der E-Com Dudes – Was ist in den Jahren (nicht) passiert ist und was kommt + die NdW by E-COMMERCE Dudes 

#30 What is the real value of Ecommerce talk with Miron Glass by shopwareunplugged

[40] Fabian Beobachtet Dinge by shopcast.fm (german)


Content created by Shopware: 

AI-Powered Developer Docs @ your fingertips!

How artificial intelligence is changing ecommerce

Shopware product feedback: We are launching a new portal

Social Shopping – Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Offer your shop in different languages (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

What is new in Shopware 6.5 from a developer perspective?


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