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Recent Blog Post  

Mocks and their Influence on Software Design by Jonas Elfering

Benefits of separating core code from infrastructure code by Jonas Elfering


10 Reasons Why Shopware is More Robust than Magento by Talk Commerce 

Shopware New Update for Merchants by Wagento

Developing with the Mollie Payments App for Shopware by boxblinkracer

Shopware AI Copilot – Increasing Revenue with Automation! by Shop Studio

How to Export Latest Orders From Shopware 6 by Firebear Studio

E-commerce implementation from a Project Manager’s perspective. Checklist before go-live by Strix

Customer segmentation in e-commerce – how to do it right by Strix

Shopware hackathon on October 6th by Yireo

5 essential steps for digital transformation of B2B pricing policy by Macopedia

Thriving in e-Commerce: Why Multi-Channel Sales Are More Crucial Than Ever by clever++

Najlepsze integracje dla platformy Shopware – zwiększ wydajność swojego sklepu internetowego by dealavo (polish)

10 Strategien für eine erfolgreiche Online-Shop Optimierung by onlinemarktplatz.de (german)

Payment im E-Commerce: 5 Tipps für Shopbetreiber by splended internet (german)

Shopware 7 wird die Welt des E-Commerce neu definieren! by alphanauten (german)

Docker Compose: Vereinfachte Service-Bereitstellung by jj ideenschmiede (german)

Kryptische SEO-URLs für Produkte in Shopware 6.5 – und wie du daraus wieder “schöne” machst by WEB-Grips (german)

10 Tipps, mit denen Du die Sicherheit deines Onlineshops dramatisch erhöhst! by enno.digital (german)


Upcoming Community Events 

05.10.2023 Shopware 6 Hackathon / Baarn – Netherlands

10.10.2023 Shopware Meetup Bremem / Bremen – Germany

26.10.2023 Hello Shopware Germany / Frankfurt – Germany

26.10.2023 Shopware Meetup Nuremberg / Nuremberg – Germany

09.-11.11.2023 Kellerkinder Hockethon / Hockenheim – Germany


Upcoming exhibitons/events with Shopware presence:  

05.10.2023 Emerce EDAY / Amsterdam – Netherlands

11.10.2023 Miami eCommerce Summit / Miami – United States

12.10.2023 Shopping today / Utrecht – Netherlands

12. – 13.10.2023 New Commerce Summit / Munich – Germany

01.11.2023 Austin eCommerce Summit / Austin – United States

02. – 03.11.2023 Retain NXT / Bad Vilbel – Germany

15. – 16.11.2023 Strategiegipfel B2B E-Commerce & E-Business / Berlin – Germany

23.-24.01.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht – Netherlands 



Setup Shopware 6 using Dockware for Developer by Webeface

‘Visionary’ eCommerce Platform SHOPWARE Talks Gartner Magic Quadrant, AI, and Best Practices by Unleashed Technologies

Tworzenie wtyczek dla Shopware w oparciu o Symfony | How IT works by Strix (polish)

Shopware 6: Produkteigenschaften einfach erklärt! by Marcel Krippendorf (german)

Shopware 6: Erweiterte Preise anlegen by Marcel Krippendorf (german)

Frontend und Backend, was ist das? | Einfach erklärt by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Rulebuilder | #11 Kostenloser Kurs für Händler by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Flowbuilder | #12 Kostenloser Kurs für Händler by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Kundengruppen | #13 Kostenloser Kurs für Händler by Studio Solid (german)

SaaS oder On-Premise, wo liegt der Unterschied? | Einfach erklärt by Studio Solid (german)

3 häufige Fragen zu Shopware: Erlebniswelten bearbeiten, Rabattaktionen erstellen und neue B2B Shops by communicode (german)



#33 New chapter for Shopware with Alexey Pronin by shopwareunplugged

Commerce Famous 007 – Jorrit Steinz by Ben Marks

Commerce Famous 008 – Thien-Lan Weber by Ben Marks

The State of AI in Commerce | Report Published by Ben Marks


Content created by Shopware: 

Release News: Discover the new features in September 2023!

Vue.js 3 in Shopware 6.6: An interview. What to expect?

The installation (Shopware 6 Tutorial) 

Customize your delivery times individually! (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Setting up shipping costs (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Composable Frontends (Shopware Boostday)

The “grow at all costs” era is over – A webinar with Shopware featuring Forrester

AI-Tools im Onlinehandel – Bereicherung oder Blödsinn?  (german)

Wie bringt man Shopware 6 das Rechnen in Quadratmetern, Kubikmetern und Stunden bei? (german)

Release News: Das sind die neuen Features im September 2023! (german)

Der AI Copilot (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Die Installation (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Lieferzeiten anpassen (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Versandkosten konfigurieren (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)


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