Summer has arrived, and during the month of May, many members of the community have once again produced a multitude of outstanding articles about Shopware. We have gathered these articles in this Community Digest. If you appreciate the articles, please take a moment to let the authors know and show your support.

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Recent Blog Post  

Re-cap meetup “APP-solutely great!?!” by Shopware United

Shopware Community Days 2023 from a Developers Perspective by Christian Dangl

Shopware decorators only on interface? by Yireo

Unleashing the Power of Shopware in AWS: The Ultimate Secret to Turbocharge Your E-commerce Success! by Cubesoft

A Deep Dive into Shopware 6.5’s New Features and Improvements by BrandCrock

How To Create Digital Products In Shopware 6? by Bay20

Frontend API with Nuxt + Nitro = Flexibility by BrocksiNet

Sylius vs Shopware vs WooCommerce – platforms comparison by BitBag

Shopware vs Magento. What is better? by zest

ERP Integration for a Shopware Online Store by Viacheslav Konyshev

Developer’s insights on Shopware bulk synchronization by Divante

Meeting Uwe Kleinmann: Shopware performance optimization with Blackfire by Blackfire

Die 7 besten KOSTENLOSEN Shopware 6 Plugins 2023 by Orangebytes (german)

Shopware 6 SSL – https-Weiterleitung im gesamten Shop einrichten by Lenz eBusiness (german)

Shopware 6: Bestellungen anhand der Rechnungsnummer finden by Marcel Krippendorf (german)

Meta Title für Shopware 6 vergeben by Marcel Krippendorf (german)

Kundenspezifische B2B Preise in Shopware 6 by webwirkung (german)

Shopware 5 Migration – Tipps und Tricks by Area-Net (german)

Shopware Community Dev Day 2023 by Ninja-Army

Shopware 5 vs. Shopware 6: Meine ehrliche Meinung! by tricomade (german)

Shopware-Performance optimieren: PageSpeed by sign und sinn (german)

Nachhaltiges Webdesign für Onlineshops by splended internet (german)

Shopware Migration: Ein Leitfaden für den Umstieg auf Shopware 6 by (german)

Shopware Changelog für E-Commerce Unternehmen by alphanauten (german)

Migration Shopware 6: Was passiert mit meinem Google Ranking? by Marcel Krippendorf (german)



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23.-24.01.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht – Netherlands 



Shopware United Meetup #11 APP-solutely great?!? by Shopware United

Shopware 6.5 – Deep Dive for Developers by basecom


Content created by Shopware: 

Shopware AI Copilot: These are the 8 new AI features

Shopware 6.5 – all about the brand new major release

Release News: AI & more in Shopware 6.5.1

Shopware 6 release news: Discover the new features in May 2023

Categories (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Testenvironment (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Create flexible rules with the Rulebuilder! (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Flowbuilder (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

How AI is revolutionising Ecommerce | Redlich & Diekmann meet Tech & Retail

Release News: AI & mehr in Shopware 6.5.1 (german)

Shopware 6 Release News: Das sind die neuen Features im Mai 2023 (german)

Kategorien (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Testumgebung anlegen (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Erstelle flexible Regeln mit dem Rulebuilder! (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Flowbuilder (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)



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