There is a nice germany saying: All good things come in threes. At least for this new blog article we hardly agree on that. It´s the third edition of our community digest and once again, we collected a lot of great community contributions. If you like the articles, please let the authors know. Donate applause, shares, stars or share the posts with others. Maybe you also want to become a content contributor in the future. If you organize events like meetups, etc. please let us know. We put everything onto our website in the event-section and publish this in the community digest as well as in the monthly newsletter. 

Of course, we cannot guarantee completeness. If we have forgotten or overlooked something, please forgive us. If you have something interesting in the future that we should share, feel free to send an email to [email protected]! Some contributions might not be in english language, but then a information about the language is shown right after the link. Enjoy reading.


Recent Blog Post  

Shopware Store Development from Scratch: Steps and Costs by Vyacheslav Konyshev

Optimize your Shopware 6.x applications with new specific metrics by blackfire

More sales through AI-based conversion optimization by Uptain in Shopware by shop studio

Transforming the E-commerce Industry With the Power of AI by aithority

The Shopware Glossary: Technical terms and explanations for your online store with Shopware by EXWE

Easy and simplified steps to migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 by 2hatslogic

How to update the PHP version in the Shopware docker installation by 2hatslogic

Extending CMS FAQ – Shopware 6 by Ninja Army (Joschi)

Shopware 6 Apps by Ninja Army (Joschi)

Voice search: The secret weapon to boost eCommerce profit by Bitbag

The impact of Chat GPT-4 on the eCommerce industry by Bitbag

How to choose the right PSP for your Shopware store? by Bitbag

A Shopware Academy in June by Yireo

Top eCommerce survey questions to identify customers’ needs by Divante

So läuft ein Umstieg von OXID zu Shopware ab by Web-Grips (german)

Shopware Changelog für E-Commerce Unternehmen by alphanauten  (german)

Instagram Feed Plugin für Shopware by alphanauten (german)

Die wichtigsten Trends im E-Commerce Jahr 2023 by alphanauten (german)

ChatGPT & Co.: KI-Tools im E-Commerce nutzen? by splended internet

Shopware 6 Testumgebung mit StageWare by great2gether (german)

Font Awesome Icons lokal in Shopware 6 einbinden by great2gether (german)

Shopware 6 Plugins über die Datenbank oder per Shopware Konsole deaktivieren by great2gether (german)

Die neue Preisangabenverordnung (PAngV) – Das müssen Online-Shops beachten by econsor (german)

Individuelle Theme-Einstellungen für unterschiedliche Verkaufskanäle – Shopware 6 Tutorial by orangebytes

Das richtige Shopsystem: Shopware oder OXID? by amexus (german)


Upcoming Community Events  

04.05.2023 Shopware Meetup Esslingen / Esslingen – Germany

09.05.2023 E-Commerce Meetup @OMR / Hamburg – Germany

10.05.2023 Shopware Stammtisch München / Munich – Germany

22.-23.05.2023 Shopware Community Hackathon / Duisburg – Germany

24.05.2023 Shopware Community Day – Developer Day / Duisburg – Germany 

25.05.2023 Shopware Community Day – Merchant Day / Duisburg – Germany 

13.06.2023 Shopware Meetup Hamburg / Hamburg – Germany

15.06.2023 Shopware Meetup Mitttelösterreich / Salzburg – Austria

01.09.2023 E-Commerce BBQ 2023 / Bielefeld – Germany 


Upcoming exhibitons/events with Shopware presence:  

09.-10.05.2023 OMR Festival / Hamburg – Germany

17.-18.05.2023 Netcomm Forum / Milan – Italy 

18.-19.05.2023 Seattle eCommerce Summit / Seattle – United States

01.-02.06.2023 New York eCommerce Summit / New York – United States

14.-15.06.2023 B2BEST 2023 / Essen – Germany

20.-21.06.2023 K5 Konferenz / Berlin – Germany

31.08.2023 Multichannelday / Cologne – Germany 

20.-21.09.2023 DMEXCO 23 / Cologne – Germany

23.-24.01.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht – Netherlands 



Shopware Meetup #11: APP-solutely great!?! by Shopware United



Sebastian Hamann, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopware by sendcloud

#31 Why you need a c0nsultant when you work with an ecommerce agency with Laura Kremer by shopwareunplugged


Content created by Shopware: 

Transforming the E-commerce Industry With the Power of AI by Stefan Hamann

Emerce100: Shopware awarded as the No. 1 open commerce platform

10 great examples: merchants that have seen impressive results using Shopware

Retail Reality Study 2023: What merchants think and what customers want

The 20 best ecommerce podcasts for 2023 | A carefully curated playlist

Why composable commerce is key to thriving in an uncertain economy

External login providers as an open source plugin – an Interview with Joshua Behrens


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