Shopware United aims to deliver value to all participants in the eCommerce value chain, as it is only by bringing these diverse elements together, so that they can enrich each other. So if you are wondering what we offer you then click on the most relevant  link (for you) below and go directly to how we can help you deliver great ecommerce.

Developers & Open Source Enthusiasts
Agencies & Project Managers
Tech Partners


 Developers & Open Source Enthusiasts

At the heart of the Shopware community are developers and as a result a lot of what we aim to do is focused around helping Developers get to grips with the platform

  • Connect with other developers
  • Develop your career
  • Join Slack groups
  • Using Github
  • Stack Overflow resources

New Developers

  • Kickstart your Shopware Development knowledge
  • Find the right people to talk to – find your mentor/buddy

Get Involved


  • Connect and share knowledge with other Shopware agencies across regions and internationally
  • Understand how to commercialise Shopware
  • Meet the Shopware network  – developers, agencies , Project managers, sales people, recruitment,
  • Find an outsource partner
  • Build your Shopware team
  • Promote your events
  • Promote your Shopware products/plugins
  • Assess market viability (geographically / verticals)

Get Involved

Tech Partners

  • Find agencies and merchants to engage with
  • Use Shopware United as part of your go to market strategy
  • Find out what’s going on in the Shopware world (News/events)
  • Get specific understanding of the Shopware to use in your product evolution
  • Gateway keeper / middleman / broker/ catalyst / lynchpin
  • Assess market viability (geographically /verticals)

Get Involved


  • Find the right Shopware partner
  • Talk to other merchants going through the same thing/issue/shared experience / verticals
  • Find answers to issues/problems/pain points
  • Find out how you can evolve your infrastructure / business

Get Involved