Welcome to our 7th monthly community edition. We again got so many great contributions out of the community. For the first time we got blog articles from Japan, Turkey and Denmark. Thanks a lot to all contributors for their hard work. 

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Recent Blog Post  

Seamless Interpretation for E-commerce with Shopware’s AI-based Translation for Reviews by Talk Commerce

Building your Shopware project in the CI using shopware-cli by Shyim

Benefits of separating core code from infrastructure code by Jonas Elfering

Shopware 6 – Create a cart and an order using the Storefront REST API by wbfk

Shopware Extensions to Boost Your Shops Functionalities by alphanauten

How To Import Product Properties To Shopware 6 by Firebear Studio

How to Import Data to Shopware 6 from Google Sheets by Firebear Studio

How to Export Customers, Products, and Orders from Shopware 6 to Google Sheets by Firebear Studio

How to Import Product Media to Shopware 6 in Correct Order by Firebear Studio

How to Import Products to Shopware 6 With Different Stock Increment Strategies by Firebear Studio

How to Import Products to Shopware 6 & Replace Existing Images by Firebear Studio

How to Import Products to Shopware 6 Without URL Duplicates by Firebear Studio

How to Import XML Files to Shopware 6 by Firebear Studio

How to Export Products, Customers, & Orders from Shopware 6 via FTP by Firebear Studio

The best programming languages for the backend by EXWE

Shopware 6.5: A Deep Dive into Its Game-Changing Updates and Innovative Features by Wagento

Shopware SEO – 11 SEO Shopware plugins for your shop by nakoa.digital

Shopware PageSpeed Optimierung – so wird Ihr Shop richtig schnell by positionone (german)

Shopware 6 Pagespeed Optimierung by great2gether (german)

8 NYE AI FEATURES I SHOPWARE by mcb (danish)


Shopware Nedir? by Web Asmek (turkish)

Shopwareの商品管理画面を知る〜商品一覧 by principleworks (japanese)

Shopwareの商品管理画面を知る〜商品登録・編集 前編〜 by principleworks (japanese)

Shopwareの商品管理画面を知る〜商品登録・編集 中編〜 by principleworks (japanese)

Shopwareの商品管理画面を知る〜商品登録・編集 後編〜 by principleworks (japanese)


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11.10.2023 Miami eCommerce Summit / Miami – United States

12.10.2023 Shopping today / Utrecht – Netherlands

12. – 13.10.2023 New Commerce Summit / Munich – Germany

01.11.2023 Austin eCommerce Summit / Austin – United States

02. – 03.11.2023 Retain NXT / Bad Vilbel – Germany

15. – 16.11.2023 Strategiegipfel B2B E-Commerce & E-Business / Berlin – Germany

23.-24.01.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht – Netherlands 



Fehlerfreie Apps dank Docker | Einfach erklärt & Basics für Anfänger by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Varianten-Produkte und Eigenschaften | #6 by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Zahlungsmethoden und Versandmethoden | #7 by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Bestellungen | #8 by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Stammdaten, Dokumente und E-Mail-Templates | #9 by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Rabatte und Aktionen | #10 by Studio Solid (german)

Shopware 6 Tutorial: Ein ausführlicher Rundgang durch die Benutzeroberfläche! by sjmedia  (german)

Warum Shopware 6? Entdecken Sie die Vorteile für Ihren Online-Shop! by sjmedia  (german)

Shopware 6 Funktionsübersicht: Alles, was Sie wissen müssen! by sjmedia (german)




Commerce Famous 005 – Hani Batla by Ben Marks

Commerce Famous 006 – Darin Lynch by Ben Marks


Content created by Shopware: 

Shopware Composable Frontends: An interview. What is it, when to use it?

Shopware is recognized as a Visionary in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce

Mocks and their influence on software design

Feature focus: Subscriptions

Release News: Discover the new features in August 2023!

Shopware PaaS Agency Training – Intro

Shopware PaaS Agency Training – Technical basics

Shopware PaaS Agency Training – Blackfire

Shopware PaaS Agency Training – Flex template

Landingpages (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Essential characteristics (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

How to get help (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Beyond – Subscriptons (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Release News: Das sind die neuen Features im August 2023! (german)

Landingpages (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Wesentliche Merkmale (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Hilfe bekommen im Shopware Account (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Beyond – Subscriptions (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Product Page Layout (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)


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