Coffee and Learn Shopware community groups

If you feel that you are missing a soulmate, who likes you is involved in Shopware 6 implementations. If you are in search of a partner with whom you can discuss the challenges, share your Shopware 6 adventure and learn from their experiences – well our Coffee and Learn groups are for you!

Shopware 6 is a new platform and we are all gaining experience, working out ways to optimize. As a community we know it’s fun to be able to share and learn from others like us. As an active community, we collaborate within the agency which inspired us to create the wider Coffee and Learn project.

Coffee and Learn is an informal group of 3-4 agencies whose developers meet and exchange experiences of Shopware 6 implementations. They support, share and help each other. Only developers from agencies, from different countries, who are not competitors, can share experience and build a close and strong community.

Each group is small enough to work together as friends. It has a moderator from within the Shopware United Board who helps the agencies to build trust, to work out how to share experience, while maintaining confidentiality.


If you believe that knowledge sharing and collaboration is at the heart of developing an Open Source community and  you are ready and open for collaboration, write to us, describe your experiences within Open Source development, and we will find  similar partners  to you and help create a new Coffee and Learn group tailored for you.

Write to us now!