The “Shopware Solution Specialist” is our biggest project so far. Not only has a lot of work gone into this, but also a lot of heart and soul. We have developed a completely new certification in which participants must have in-depth knowledge in various areas in order to pass this test. But why did Shopware United create this certification?

At the beginning of 2021, Shopware itself only offered training and certification for front-end and back-end developers. These certifications themselves were not very demanding and were not regularly updated by Shopware. In addition, there was no training and/or certification at all for other important groups of people such as project managers, sales staff, business analysts and others.

Shopware United then decided here to develop its own certification under the project name “Shopware Solution Specialist”. In the further course of the project, Shopware then expressed interest in adopting this new certification and offering it as an official Shopware certification. In this respect, the original community initiative has developed into a joint Shopware/Shopware United project.

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