Many things happened in June, not only in the Shopware community. But in this community digest we will of course only be able to acknowledge […]

Summer has arrived, and during the month of May, many members of the community have once again produced a multitude of outstanding articles about Shopware. […]

🌟 Join us for our June Community Breakfast Meetup! 🌟 Start your Friday morning off right by joining our vibrant community for a stimulating discussion […]

There is a nice germany saying: All good things come in threes. At least for this new blog article we hardly agree on that. It´s […]

The 11th Shopware United meetup was recently held, bringing together experts and enthusiasts from the Shopware community. This event was focused on app development and […]

The Webwinkel Vakdagen event in Utrecht this year was an absolute blast! On Wednesday 29th and 30th March, the Jaarbeurs conference center became a hub […]