Welcome to our 12th edition or our monthly community digest.

As we kick off the new year, we’re excited to bring you a comprehensive collection of very interesting community contributions. The event calendar both for community events or exhibitions with Shopware presence is filling up at the start of the year, promising exciting gatherings and opportunities for everyone.

We hope you enjoy this edition, and we look forward to a year filled with community spirit and collaboration. If you also have contributions that might be of interest to the community, please send us an email to [email protected] so that we can also list them in the future.

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Community Events

22.01.2023 Pre-Event WebWinkel VakDagen / Utrecht – Netherlands

25.01.2023 Shopware Meetup #13: Shopware´s Open Source Future – Interactive Q&A Session with CPTO Mark Stanley

23.-24.03.2024 Shopware Community Unconference / Cologne – Germany

22.05.2024  Shopware Hackathon course / Baarn – Netherlands

18.10.2024  Shopware Hackathon course / Baarn – Netherlands


Events with Shopware presence

23.-24.01.2023 WebWinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht – Netherlands

26.-29.02.2024 eTail West / Palm Springs – USA

06.03.2024 Retail Summit Minneapolis / Minneapolis – USA

17.-20.03.2024 Shoptalk US / Las Vegas – USA

23.-25.04.2024 Stripe Sessions / San Francisco – USA

06..08.05.2024 B2B Online / Chicago – USA

29.08.2024 Multichannel Day / Cologne – Germany


Recent Blog Post  

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Message Queueing with Docker and self-sufficient replica containers by boxlinkracer

Dockware: making Shopware instances running locally in minutes (Part 1/2) by Christian Dangl

Dockware: making Shopware instances running locally in minutes (Part 2/2) by Martin Weinmayr

Flexibility: Storefront, Headless, and Shopware Frontends by Niklas Wolf 

Shopware: high-quality code, feedback & keeping up to date by Uwe Kleinmann

StackOverflow: creating long-term value for the Shopware community! by Alexander Menk

Top E-commerce Trends 2024: Insights From Experts to Grow Your Business by sendcloud

Shopware SEO: The Ultimate Guide by conductor

The Advantages of the B2B Suite of Shopware 6 for e-commerce by BrandCrock

Achieving Customer Loyalty: Strategies and Benefits by clever++

A Look at 2024’s Trends for eCommerce and Cutting-Edge Online Retail Technologies by clever++

How to Keep Your Ecommerce Platform Reliable, Compatible and at Peak Performance by clever++

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How to Integrate Shopware 6 Admin API? by emizentech

6 e-commerce trends for 2024 by Strix

Shopware 6: Regenerate ALL Thumbnails by winkelwagen

Apache: Writing and debugging RewriteRules by winkelwagen

Shopware 6: Easy errors/validation on checkout and flash message by winkelwagen

Shopware 6: How to NOT extend … non-entities by winkelwagen

Shopware 6: Migrations and missing data by winkelwagen

Shopware 6: Entity Extension without properties?! by winkelwagen

Shopware 6.6. + Vue 3 by winkelwagen

Exploring Shopware: What you need to know about this powerful E-Commerce platform by Galvez Gil

Steps to migrate Shopware 6 database from mariadb to mysql? by 2HATS LOGIC 

How to speed up your Shopware online store: performance tuning tips by 2HATS LOGIC

Best practices for API integration in Shopware 6 by 2HATS LOGIC

Things to do before going live on Shopware 6? by 2HATS LOGIC

Choosing between Shopware storefront and headless architecture: a comprehensive guide  by 2HATS LOGIC

2024 Ecommerce checklist: 10 essentials for your online store by 2HATS LOGIC

Data protection and GDPR compliance: safeguarding your Shopware 6 store by 2HATS LOGIC

How to create an online store with Shopware 6for free: step-by-step guide by 2HATS LOGIC

Building Scalable and Secure E-Commerce Sites with Shopware Developers by eChannelHub

Understanding Zero-Based Indexing and Memory Addresses in Programming by Dragan Rapic 

Delving into the Learning Curve of Shopware: A Comprehensive Guide by Dragan Rapic 

Is Shopware a Good Platform for My Business? by Dragan Rapic 

Understanding Routing and Navigation in Shopware 6 by Dragan Rapic 

Essential PHP Extensions for a Robust Web Application by Dragan Rapic 

Boosting PHP applications by configuring Opcode Caching by Dragan Rapic 

PHP Performance Optimization: A Structured Approach to Speeding Up Your Code by Dragan Rapic 

Generate custom API Client for Shopware 6 by BrocksiNet

Local devenv set up – Shopware 6 by BrocksiNet

Maximizing the Power of Data in E-Commerce by Borys Skraba

Unterschied zwischen UI- und UX-Design by alkima (german)

E-Mail-Marketing: Neue Anforderungen von Gmail und Yahoo ab 1. Februar 2024 by splended internet (german)

Aktuelle Zahlen und Fakten für E-Commerce-Profis (1. Quartal 2024) by splended internet (german)

TikTok Fulfillment Deutschland. #1 Guide für TikTok Logistik und Versand by Beckmann (german)

E-Commerce Nischen. Mit Premium von der Masse absetzen by Beckmann (german)

Shopware 6 Suche by ebakery (german)

Shopware 6 Performance Optimierung by BuildIT-Consulting (german)

De e-commercetrends voor 2024 by Strix (dutch)



Gesperrte Nutzer und Kunden entsperren bei Shopware 6  by great2gether (german)

Shopware 6 Buch – Trailer 1 by great2gether (german)

Nutze den Produktmix-Konfigurator für mehr Umsatz – Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio (german)

VERMEIDE diesen SEO-Fehler bei Bildern! – Online-Shop Strategie by shopstudio (german)

Shopware Shop mit Google Ads verbinden – Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio (german)

Google Analytics kostenlos mit Shopware verbinden – Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio (german)

Brauchst DU Shopware Frontends? – Online-Shop Strategie by shopstudio (german)

Der wichtigste Faktor für Online-Shops – So gewinnst du mehr Kunden. by Jannis Gerlinger (german)

KI in Deutschland: Chancen, Herausforderungen und die Notwendigkeit des Wandels | insights! by synaigy (german)

So erreichst du mit digital Nudging mehr Kunden und weniger Kaufabbrüche in deinem Onlineshop by synaigy (german)

Kundenorientierung neu gedacht: Saskia Roch über die Synergie von D2C-Strategie & digitalen Services by synaigy (german)



Inside the operational playbook with Rachel Tonner, Ben Marks & Maier Bianchi by Klevu

Episode 114: Jason Nyhus, President of Shopware by The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce 

015 – Stefan Hamann on ecommerce evolution and AI’s future role by Ben Marks

Recast – Tink Taylor | How dotdigital revolutionized digital marketing by Ben Marks

Recast – Jim Lofgren | Nosto’s CEO on crucial shifts in ecommerce by Ben Marks

Warum du Shopware Frontends als 7-stellige Brand nutzen solltest by shopstudio (german)

Warum der graue Index in der search console ein SEO-Hebel ist by Jaeckert O´Daniel (german)

SEO für Buchverlage: Interview mit Sebastian Zahn by Jaeckert O´Daniel (german)

SEO auf der Startseite: Ja oder Nein? by Jaeckert O´Daniel (german)

Wie diese beiden Krankenversicherungen mit Content Hubs arbeiten by Jaeckert O´Daniel (german)

Impact van productdatakwaliteit ob je webshop / Tomas Hesseling Ergonode by FRMWRK (dutch)


Content created by Shopware: 

Shopware’s Strategic Vision in Spatial Commerce and AI Integration

Interview: Shopware Insider Previews

Shopware 6.6 RC is now available. What happened under the hood?

Shopware is proud to be named a “Major Player” by IDC MarketScape

Ecommerce trends 2024: 8 growth strategies for digital commerce [free trend report]

Compliance: Shopware Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Examination

Product News: Discover the new features in January 2024!

Customeroverview (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Debugging an online store error message (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Payment methods (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Der Shopware 6.6 Release Candidate ist da! (german)

Shopware ist stolz darauf, von IDC als „Major Player” ausgezeichnet zu werden (german)

E-Commerce Trends 2024: 8 Wachstumsstrategien für den digitalen Handel [kostenloser Trendreport] (german)

Compliance Report: Shopware schließt SOC 2 Type 1 Prüfung erfolgreich ab (german)

Product News: Das sind die neuen Features aus Januar 2024! (german)

Die Kundenübersicht in der Administration (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Online-Shop Fehlermeldung Debuggen (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Zahlungsmethoden (Shopware Tutorial) (german)


Shopware United Community Directory


Shopware United is introducing the Shopware United Community Directory to provide the first ‘Open to All’ directory tool for the Shopware ecosystem.

Anyone who offers services or software to the Shopware ecosystem can participate as members of Shopware United (and hence the Shopware Community). This will allow Shopware end users (i.e. merchants) to search through the full range of Shopware service and product providers and find the ones most suitable to their needs. The directory will include agencies, freelancers, app and extension developers, consultants and integrated technology platforms.


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