We wish all Shopware enthusiasts a happy and, above all, healthy new year 2024. Many Shopware Community members were also very busy in December and created countless contributions in various forms. We would like to list and honour these in this issue of the Community Digest. We would like to draw your attention to the first Shopware Meetup in 2024. Shopware’s Chief Product & Technology Office – Mark Stanley, will be answering questions on the topic of “Shopware’s Open Source Future” on 25 January. Sign up, it will be super exciting.

If you also have contributions that might be of interest to the community, please send us an email to [email protected] so that we can also list them in the future.

Enjoy reading all the contributions and see you soon.


Community Events

22.01.2023 Pre-Event WebWinkel VakDagen / Utrecht – Netherlands

25.01.2023 Shopware Meetup #13: Shopware´s Open Source Future – Interactive Q&A Session with CPTO Mark Stanley

23.-24.03.2024 Shopware Community Unconference / Cologne – Germany


Events with Shopware presence

23.-24.01.2023 WebWinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht – Netherlands

26.-29.02.2024 eTail West / Palm Springs – USA

17.-20.03.2024 Shoptalk US / Las Vegas – USA


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Shopware 6 programmieren lernen by Matthias Zeis (german)

insights! #65: Shopwares Vision für die digitale Zukunft des E-Commerce by synaigy (german)

Shopware 6 – E-Mail Templates by great2gether (german)

Shopware 6 Download: Ein Überblick über alle Editionen und Versionen by atloss  (german)

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High Touch und High Tech: Wie CoreMedia die Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion gestaltet | insights! by synaigy (german)

Ein Microstore mit Shopware Frontends | Shopware Meetup der Mothership GmbH in München by studiosolid (german)



‘Visionary’ eCommerce Platform SHOPWARE Talks Gartner Magic Quadrant, AI, and Best Practices by Unleashed Technologies

014 – Krish Iyer | What 22 years in ecommerce logistics have taught me by Ben Marks

The AI Industrial Revolution of Ecommerce — Sebastian Hamann // Shopware by MarTech

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Content created by Shopware: 

Shopware 6.6 RC will be available soon. What will happen under the hood?

Using AI and Spatial Commerce to overcome three key challenges in ecommerce

Navigating ecommerce: Forrester releases reports on B2B and B2C commerce solutions

Filling the ecommerce innovation gap: Are we stuck in a groundhog day?

Some numbers to end the year

The functions of the AI Copilot (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Bulkedit (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

PayPal Extension (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Individual sorting & filter of products (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Innovationsrückstand im E-Commerce: Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier? (german)

Die Funktionen des AI-Copilot (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Mehrfachänderung (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

PayPal Erweiterung (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

Individuelle Sortierungen & Filter (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)


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