During the 3# Shopware United meetup, we have talked about PWA / Headless technologies. Our guest were Patrick Friday, CEO & Co-Founder @ VueStoreFront, Jisse Reitsma, Founder @ Yireo and Developers Trainer, Maciej Kaczorowski, Vue Headless Senior Developer @ Ergonode PIM, Paolo Mioni, Founder and CTO of HCE.it, Board Member of Rabbithole.group

We covered misunderstandings about PWA and Headless, and explained what PWA and why would merchants be interested in implementing a PWA Headless solution with Shopware 6. Jisse explained what a perfect project for headless is and what features, requirements, and customer’s designs qualify it for headless implementation.

Paolo discussed his experiences with headless implementation for Shopware customers. How his company approached and convinced customer to implement a headless solution. He presented what were the main obstacles, the biggest challenges.

Maciej told his story from a developer’s perspective how to approach Vue.js, how he learned Vue, what were his first steps. What are his inconveniences form daily developer live

We discussed how long would a headless project take, to help agencies and customers that would work on estimation and budget

To watch the all discussion, please check the recording.

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