Getting your Shopware 6 Infrastructure optimised is critical for business success – Speed Sells!

Shopware United Event #4 is all about performance, and we will be coming at this important topic from to angles.

Firstly the obvious – Performance Optimisation has always been an important requirement for ecommerce sites – to both ensure optimal conversion and provide efficient scaling capability.

Secondly we will be taking a look at the topic from the point of view of the upcoming Google Core Web Vitals changes, and the implications of performance.


We have some exciting speakers lined up

“What we know about Shopware 6 Performance from data” by Paul Oltmanns (Radonline) and Benjamin Eberlei (Tideways)

Shopware 6 is out for a while now, and more e-commerce companies are moving to it in production. One such shop is RADONLINE, and in this talk we will share a few general and concrete lessons and insights that we found about Shopware 6 performance using Tideways Profiler.

“The Performance Project: Declutter & optimize your frontend for fast shopping experiences with SW6” by Thomas Lohner (ScaleCommerce)

Your shop setup has everything it takes to be quick: Shopware 6, a fast infrastructure… and still the loading times are not satisfactory. So what is blocking the performance? Is it the front-end?

In this session we will show you how you can systematically discover and optimize the performance bottlenecks of your front-end. This can have a huge impact on any loading time issues. We will work out an individual to-do list to improve the performance of your shop!

“Shopware as your ideal Core Web Vitals boilerplate” By Erwin Hofman

If you’re past the ‘should I care’ stage of Core Web Vitals, you might be ready for some direct Shopware page speed takeaways. These will be based on an audit, done independently. We’ll take a critical look at where Shopware stands!

Absorbing the (quick) wins, we might go beyond Core Web Vitals and UX even more.

Come and Join Us!

Of course , as always, we will be sipping virtual cocktails and eating virtual pizza, as with all events these days, but we would love it if Shopware enthusiasts (and the Shopware curious) participated with us for an interesting evening of discussion, debate and discovery!

Come and Join Us!