Shopware United had their second event on 27th January, and what an event it was. We had over 40 attendees and in the end we had to throw them off the zoom call!

It’s no wonder it was so well attended as ERP integrations are vital to streamlining eCommerce processes, and the event shared some valuable insights

Yann Karl – CTO at webweit talked through some of the issues with integration, especially as they pertained to OCI and SAP
Casper Hardholt – CEO of Amumio told us how the Alumio platform solves so many of the integration issues
Jelle Troost a director of Web , the Dutch integration specialists spoke about

The pizza was “Virtually” non-existent as expected, but we are all used to that by now after a year of Zoom calls (and that joke may just be wearing a little thin – ed), but I hope plenty of the participants will come along to our next event – On 27th April  – all about Shopware 6 and PWA, More Details HERE

If you couldn’t make it then of course you can watch a recording of the event


Next up on the Shopware United events list is ……. PWA For Shopware