Shopware United Meetup #5 – How to get started with Shopware as an Agency.

If you have just adopted Shopware or are thinking about it this event will help you navigate the inevitable pitfalls of adoting a new platform

Listen and talk to top Shopware agencies to understand how they started with Shopware 6, what were their challenges, first steps and results. Learn experiences from market leaders.

The expert panel , who all have a wealth of experience, includes:

  • Tomislav Bilic, CEO Inchoo
  • Mikołaj Król, CEO BitBag
  • Mark Slocock, CEO GPMD
  • Michel Willems, Commercial Director H1

The whole event will be compered by the the inimitable Ben Marks.

Of course our usual virtual beer and pizza, and friendly chit chat. You don’t want to miss this.

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