The Shopware United Community Voice Project (CVP) is your bridge to the Shopware management team to convey your ideas, issues and any other feedback.

Since there are many ideas and suggestions which are now being addressed by individual users and since Shopware can only face a few challenges at the same time, we came to the conclusion that it would be good to gather all the feedback at once, filter and categorize it, discuss priorities and in the end present this to the Shopware management. By doing this we make your combined voices stand out and will send a far more stronger signal if we do this together as a community.

The language of choice for the discussion is English, but since not all in the community are comfortable in speaking English we will do our best to support your native language too. Shopware United board members all have different backgrounds, from German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Brazilian, Polish to native English speaking persons. We are here to help you to addressing your feedback properly and to support you where language becomes a barrier.

There will be a range of “Breakout rooms” that will host discussions on specific topics.

Join us and get your voice heard!

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