WIRDUZEN invites you to the second Shopware Meetup Upper Franconia in beautiful Forchheim.

W hat will you be offered?

Exciting presentations on the topics of shopware, e-commerce and online marketing
Face-to-face contact with agencies, online shop operators and solution providers
Drinks, snacks, food and original Franconian beer
Finger food that will fill you up
Relaxed exchange and networking opportunities
Free merchandise (yes, we know you want that :-D)
What do you bring with you?

Interest in the exchange between partners
Curiosity about the presentations
Hunger and thirst so that the snacks can also get away
the iron will to swap the impersonal YOU for the impersonal YOU
Where should you go?

WIRDUZEN invites you to the royal city of Forchheim. We have rented a great event room for you from our partner Digitalwerkstatt with plenty of space for presentations as well as networking

More information and registration