Official Shopware Meet-Up – The opportunity for informal exchange for shop operators, developers and agencies.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.
Free of charge.

The “official” programme includes two presentations:

Going Headless – One-Page-Shops with Shopware & Nuxt.

In this talk we would like to show you how we met the requirements of a client who wanted to set up a large number of one-page shops, each selling only one product. Our approach was to use Shopware’s powerful headless API and build a custom front-end using Nuxt, Pinia, Prisma, Flowbite and Tailwind.
We show you how you can easily manage your sales channels with the help of the Shopware admin and create additional one-page shops in just a few minutes. This gives you great flexibility to explore new market niches and expand your product range.
Our customised approach not only enables seamless integration of the checkout directly on the shop page, but also ensures efficient management of all One-Page-Shops via a central interface.
In this presentation, learn how the combination of Shopware, Headless API, Nuxt, Pinia, Prisma, Flowbite and Tailwind forms the basis for a scalable and user-friendly e-commerce solution. Learn more about the challenges we overcame, the benefits of our approach and gain valuable insights into implementing a highly flexible and efficient one-page shop system.
Get inspired and discover how you can take your e-commerce strategy to the next level with Headless E-Commerce and Shopware.

Conversion Hero Social Proof – How you can personalise your shop with Social Proof and other principles of behavioural economics

Not everyone places the same value on the opinions of others. But used correctly, social proof can become a conversion bootster. Learn in our webinar how we achieved a 17% conversion rate uplift through a small change, which principles of behavioural economics are related to social proof and why we tick the way we do.


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