Discover the power of Big Data in eCommerce through AI in an engaging discussion with our experts. Join us for the Shopware United digital meetup on June 28th, 2023, from 4 to 6 pm CEST.

Our export speakers are:

Andreas Wagner

Andreas is the co-founder and CTO of Commerce Experts GmbH/ He has led product management at several leading international technology companies specializing in product search and navigation, with over 1000 customers and partners in European eCommerce. As a Big Data Scientist at Commerce Experts, he is responsible for business development and manages all Big Data and Personalization projects.

Chi Shing chang

Chi Shing is a co-founder of SPARQUE.AI, a company that provides technology to transform any webshop into a trained salesperson. The unique “Build-Your-Own-Algorithm” feature enables webshops to have models that perfectly match their company and data. Chi Shing has spent a lifetime in data and analytics and has worked for McKinsey, Orange, Shell, and Deli Maatschappij in the past.

Gianni Balistreri

Gianni is the new Head of Machine Learning at shopware AG, responsible for developing AI-driven features. He has been a passionate Data Scientist and AI Engineer since 2015. Previously, he worked extensively as a Data Science Consultant, assisting and guiding companies in their transition to the AI era. Most recently, he served as the Head of AI for a German IT company.

Andrei Leica

Andrei is a Lead AI Research Engineer at Arnia Software, and CTO at Turning into a passion, with 7+ years of experience in AI and Deep Learning, he earned an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and continued his research at Arnia Software, where he’s currently leading the AI Lab, a team of 20+ Researchers and Engineers.

Vlad Paunescu

Vlad works at Arnia Software as an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Computer Science, Bash, Hibernate, Java, and Android Development. He holds a Master’s Degree from Universitatea „Politehnica” din București with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

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