Coding with Shopware 6.6, Symfony 7 and more

There are various ways a developer is able to learn: Being taught, reading books, watching videos … and by doing it. Of course you can do so with collegues of the same agency. But then you’ll be missing out the fresh ideas that others might be bringing in. A multi-agency hackathon is the right answer.

Details of this hackathon
Date – Friday, October 18, 2024
Time –  09:30 – 16:30
Location –  Yireo, Baarn, NL
Minimum of attendees – 4
Maximum of attendees – 10
What to bring – Your own laptop
Price –  €49 (excluding VAT)
Included – Lunch, snacks, drinks, goodies

A day of collaboration

Shopware is hot and shipping with plenty of features that make developers enthousiastic. What better to play around with the code, then to join a group of like-minded developers to collaborate on some project for a single day?


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