Our hackathons are events to connect people. This hackathon is to connect the Shopware Community, it is right before Shopware Community Dev Day, but if you are not part of the Shopware community yet, feel free to join and check out the community and Shopware.

Although hackathons are events for developers, we are happy for every non-developer to join. Projects and plugins need ideas, documentation, design and testing. And just to be sure, we are open to everyone. Junior developers, seniors, and everyone in between.

Here is space for you and you belong to us.

If you have never been to a hackathon of us, have a look in this great blogpost by Claudia or this one by Fabian how it works.

The important part: Our hackathons are about connections, people and cooperation. We don’t have prize money. We want to make the Ecommerce and Shopware community a better, warmer place. Many of us come from the Magento world, some of us are between Magento and Shopware and some switched into the Shopware community. But all of us are interested in proper solutions for problems we all have and want to achieve more together.

We are ecommerce.

And last but not least: This is NO contribution day. You bring the project, we provide shelter and food. You can fix Shopware bugs, but you can also work on your (community) projects, exchange knowledge with each other or don’t code at all and just chat for two days.

More information and registration