Like the previous edition, there are two parts to this Boost Day: Code and knowledge improvement. You’ll work together with our core developers, and you follow Shopware enthusiasts for a full day of coding! Also, we will have our workshop for those who are just starting with Shopware 6.

This time, there will be a much bigger focus on interaction. We will have workshops, Q&A groups, and videos from Dockware. The workshops, as well as the whole Boost Day, are FREE and full of information.

The focus on interaction is made possible by the use of Gather Town. It is a tool that brings the feeling of a real-world conference into our beloved “cyberspace”.

New topic: Apps! Shopware Apps are supposed to be the next big thing for Shopware. We want to talk about it. Let’s have an open discussion (or multiple), give us your thoughts on the topic.

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