Join us for a community breakfast all about performance! We’re talking about the technical stuff like making websites run faster and the business side like making sure things don’t cost too much. We’ve got experts coming to share their stories and tips. Whether you know a lot about this topic or just want to learn more, you’re welcome to come. It’s going to be an interesting morning , you can also ask them questions and meet others who are interested in these things.

One of the the experts being on the event will be Erwin Hofman:

Erwin Hofman





Started developing in 2001, Erwin gained performance knowledge and best practices via trial & error within his own agency and reading many (Google) docs. At the end of the last decade, Erwin started sharing his learnings. Both during public events and privately with merchants & development + SEO agencies via audits & training sessions to help them saving trial & error hours and allowing them to improve decision making with performance in mind.
He shares best practices and (case) insights on regular basis via LinkedIn and co-founded a real monitoring solution (RUMvision).

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