ERP integrations are vital to streamlining your eCommerce processes. We’ll be share invaluable insights during this meetup.

As many merchants and agencies will know one of the vital integrations to streamline business processes are ERP integrations. They often form the backbone of financial administration, stock keeping and other operations of the utmost importance of any retail operation.

But getting that integration set up the right way to translate Shopware specific processes to your existing ERP software can be a daunting task. There are different approaches you can take, each with their own benefits and implications. We’ll look at Integration Middleware solutions, Standardized integration formats and frameworks (like OCI) as well as discuss bespoke integration solutions.

During this meetup we will be talking to professionals from the integration field, who will share actionable tips and tricks. Contributing to the event will be:

  • Yann Karl – CTO at webweit and an established OCI Expert
  • Casper Hardholt – CEO of Amumio, the Integrations platform
  • Jelle Troost a director of Web, the Dutch integration specialists

Of course we will be sipping virtual cocktails and eating virtual pizza, as with all events these days, but we would love it if Shopware enthusiasts (and the Shopware curious) participated with us for an interesting evening of discussion, debate and discovery!

Come and Join Us!