Shopware United is going to start “Phase two” of the Community Directory Project soon. In Phase one Shopware agencies, freelancers, consultants, App- and Plugindeveloper as well as technology providers were able to preregister for the upcoming Community Directory. Over 250 pre-registrations show the high interest of the community in the first ‘Open to All’ directory tool for the Shopware ecosystem.

Anyone who offers services or software to the Shopware ecosystem can participate as members of Shopware United (and hence the Shopware Community). This will allow Shopware end users (i.e. merchants)  to search through the full range of Shopware service and product providers and find the ones most suitable to their needs. The directory will include agencies, freelancers, app and extension developers, consultants and integrated technology platforms.

If you have not pre-registered yet for this, please take two minutes to get yourself onto the list as well:

Click to Register

In Phase two all parties, which have pre-registered are going to be contacted to complete their registration. We expect, that this is going to happen by the end of april. In Phase three we will launch the community directory to the public.