On Thursday 28th April, over 50 Shopware enthusiasts joined us at Shopware United to discuss  Product Information Management (PIM) and when and how best to use it.

It certainly was a fascinating 2 hours of discussion and conversation, and  the audience was informed about the different ways PIM can be applied in ecommerce. Most importantly we would like to thank the panellists for their contributions:

  • Klaus Schobesberger, COO from Pimcore
  • Stephan Spijkers, Co-Founder from PIMvendors.com
  • Tomasz Grzemski, Co-Founder from Macopedia
  • Hans Höchtl, CTO from Onedrop GmbH & Co KG
  • Bart Kiermasz, CCO form Ergonode

Of course for those that could not attend (shame on you!) we have a recording – We are just too nice to you all – just make sure you make the next event!

Next up is the SCD – and if you miss out on that then no amount of recordings are going to help – it’s gonna be all about friendship, collaboration, with just a sprinkling of beer (or other)!