Thank you to all of you that turned up to the Shopware United Community Voice meeting on 24th February. What a meeting it was – it was so good to talk with other enthusiasts about what is good and what is not so good about the Shopware platform. Over 60 people turned up in all which was an excellent turnout, and a wealth of feedback was harvested. For those of you that were not there, let me give you a run down of how it was organised, because as you can imagine having 60 people in a zoom call all shouting out their ideas may not have been the most productive way of doing things!

How it was run:

We set out a few topics on which the community could join and share their ideas:

  • Shopware 6 roadmap
  • Open commerce & PWA
  • Partner Program
  • B2B
  • Technical Challenges

Each session was moderated by one of the Shopware United board members. We used the Mad/Sad/Glad model and Miro Board to make notes. A highly interactive session serviced by Zoom break out sessions, 25 minutes each. Each participant  could visit 3 sessions in total n(or move between them as they wished).

What was Discussed?

Shopware 6 Roadmap Room Summary

Overall community was happy with the announcements for the SW6 roadmap. Examples given included flow builder, sdk app updates, however, there are quite a few features (some basic on other platforms) which are still not properly available in SW6 and should be by now. The community feels It’s not exactly clear where on the roadmap these things will be sorted and more visibility should be provided regarding this. Some of the key requirements listed were improved order management facilities, split shipment improvements, Refund functionality and improved CMS functionality

Open Commerce & PWA Room Summary

The community doesn’t understand Cloud much, why this strategy is important, or what it means for agencies and customers? There is a lot of education needed, for partners & customers. The community doesn’t know the status and the roadmap of Shopware PWA. There was no clear statement if it’s going to be supported and developed, or if it’s a dead end.

Partner Program Room Summary

There were a huge amount of questions around the new partner programme and it’s implications – and further feedback has been sort from partners in other forums to try and ascertain the overall community response to the current partner system and the proposed changes.

General Tech Room

Shopware 6 with new tech stack is much easier to work with than Shopware 5. In spite of all the complaints (and this process is designed to bring out complaints and problems) issues, communications and problems are not handled too badly – no one else is doing it significantly better!

Next steps

A full report will be released in due course – and the findings of this and other feedback gathering efforts is being presented to the senior management of Shopware over the next few days. We have asked for a response on the feedback presented by 22nd April 2022. You , of course will be kept fully informed!