Today we want to introduce you to one of our absolute lighthouse projects. The “Community Voice Project” underlines our claim to be the voice of the Shopware community and the bridge directly into the Shopware management.
We are sure that you have collected many ideas or experiences through working day to day with Shopware 6 that would make Shopware 6 even better. Gathering, discussing, curating and then presenting this feedback directly to Shopware pretty much describes the “Community Voice Project”. In addition if there are ways that you want to work with Shopware (the company) then this process can help you too.

We all know that the guys at Shopware have done a bang-up job creating a completely new software platform without any legacy issues, but the biggest strength of Shopware is all of us – the community. Let’s use this strength right now and we promise you that it’s not another “issue tracker” 😉
So if you always wanted to get your feedback directly to the Shopware management, take this chance now and share your feedback via the link available below in the comments.

If you want to put your feedback directly into our online database, please go here (See bottom of the page).