Were you giving birth, trapped under a very large rock or somehow unavoidably detained? Why else would you have missed the event of the…..week – Shopware United’s “Adopting Shopware as an Agency” event.

I get it – there are other things that may trump our humble offerings – but to ensure you don’t miss out (and you did BTW) we recorded the whole event. It’s not the same as being part of the vibe and being there live in the (virtual) room with all those ecom rockstars, but it is a close second – and it means that you can skip to the parts that really matter to you!

Bask in the Wit and Wisdom of:

  • Ben Marks, Open Source (and Shopware) evangelist
  • Tomislav Bilic, CEO Inchoo
  • Mikołaj Król, CEO BitBag
  • Mark Slocock, CEO GPMD
  • Michel Willems, Commercial Director H1