Solution Specialist Qualification is coming to Shopware!

You heard it here first – Shopware United is working hard on building a Solution Specialist qualification for Shopware.

Why? – because we think that Shopware End Users, eCommerce Project managers, Agency staff as well as Developers need to know about how best to set up and configure, and understand where it excels (and where it doesn’t too). Just as importantly they need to be able to prove that they are Shopware experts so that they can differentiate themselves from the bluffers! The end result is that we deliver better Shopware projects.

What’s the Plan?

We have come up with a syllabus, got together a wealth of training material,  and are currently ensuring that we can use the Shopware testing infrastructure to run the tests. We have even written a few exam questions – but we need loads more and that’s where we need the community’s help – we need loads more questions. Once we have that in place then Shopware can launch the qualification.

Help us!

We believe in the power of the community!! We need questions and we want you to help us write them – so here’s the deal  – For anyone who contributes 5 questions that are accepted into the question bank we will give that person a free certification exam, as well as recognition as one of the contributors.

Here’s what you need to do to contribute

Take a look at the Course Contents HERE

Submit Questions

We will get back to you in each case and tell you if the submitted questions have been accepted. Once you have 5 accepted- it’s Ka-Ching time!


Contribution ‘Role Of Honour’

  • Justin Biddle
  • Borys Skraba
  • Sander Mangel
  • Uwe Kleinmann