Six weeks are almost up, a sign for us to make you aware of our beloved Virtual Co-Working Day 🧡

Have you ever thought about joining us? But then didn’t have time or maybe didn’t dare?

👉 Then you have a new opportunity to drop by on 22.11.2023 – without any obligation. You stay as long as you like and can arrange it.

There are visitors who are super regular, come in the morning and stay until the end of the day.

And then there are visitors who just drop by for a quick chat to say hello again.

And we are always happy about Virtual Co-Working Day newbies anyway 🙌

So – mark your calendar and here’s how it goes:

▶️ from 9.00 a.m. onwards, but you can also just join us during the course of the day
▶️ exchange ideas with the basement kids and other visitors
▶️ everyone is welcome
▶️ productive work-sessions or a coffee – it’s up to you ☕️👨‍💻
▶️ at lunch time, at 13.00 o’clock, everybody has the possibility to have a small impulse talk, open exchange or the like. just talk to us 💡
▶️ around 18.00 hrs, our office lounge then becomes an after-work area 🍻

👉 On 11/22/2023, early in the morning, we will post here and of course on our website, the link to the office.

🙌 We will be happy if you join us (again).

👉 You can find more information here