Curious about what AI means exactly? How do AI and ecommerce complement each other? What AI trends should we be on the lookout for? Shopware United presents: the AI webinar! 

Get all your questions answered by experts from the field, who will talk about their use of AI, how it can enhance user experience, add new dimensions to online shopping, and much more! Follow an interesting panel discussion, and grab YOUR chance to ask any question that comes up or you’ve always had, directly to our experts!

We will be discussing:

  • A better understanding of what AI is
  • Knowledge of how AI can be implemented in ecommerce and benefit online experiences and conversion rates
  • Some great examples of how AI can be used in ecommerce
  • Practical tips about how to get started with AI, and what to take into consideration

Solutions Panel Discussion

SWU board member Sanne Bolkenstein talks with four trailblazers, each innovating with AI in Ecommerce in different domains. Recommendations, Cashflow, Image manipulation, and Responsible AI all impact the way we shop online. Learn how these companies change how retailers interact with their customers.

  • Shir Ibgui, Partnership Manager at
  • Robin van den Brink, Analytics Translator at Xomnia
  • Truong Ly, Head of Regional Sales at Speedsize
  • Timo Hoffman, Head of Partnerships at Agicap

Tech Panel Discussion

SWU member Sander Mangel sits down with three software developers, active in the field of AI and Machine learning. We’ll talk about where to get started with applying AI and ML, what considerations play into deciding on technologies and vendors. But also topics such as when applying AI makes sense, and when it doesn’t.

  • Ayla Kangur, Machine Learning engineer at Slimmer AI
  • Guido Parente, AI & ML lead at Qurated Data
  • Jannik Rößler, PhD Student at the Cologne Institute for Information Systems

AI in practice case studies
The Fish Society, the leading online fishmonger based in the UK, implemented AI as part of their B2C customer journey to drive higher conversion. We will be in conversation with Ben, CTO at The Fish Society, and we will hear about their journey in finding the right AI tooling and in managing it effectively . A live Q&A will follow the conversation.

The second case study is a short presentation from Jannik Rößler, PhD Student at the Cologne Institute for Information Systems, on leveraging Machine Learning to reduce customer churn. Jannik will take us through his research on a live webshop.

We hope to see you there, March 31st, 16:00 CET!