Ksenia Zvereva, who serves as the Developer Community Lead at Mollie, will be addressing a diverse range of essential topics in this Community Breakfast Special. She will share insights on the nuances of establishing and managing visibility and personal branding in the ever-evolving tech landscape, all while remaining authentic to one’s core self. Furthermore, she will emphasize the remarkable significance of community in this process, elucidating how it can be a cornerstone for networking, support, and personal growth.

Additionally, Ksenia will delve into the profound impact of personal values on an individual’s mental well-being. By exploring how aligning one’s actions and decisions with their core values can lead to increased contentment and inner harmony, attendees will gain valuable insights into holistic well-being. Moreover, she will offer strategies for effectively navigating the various challenges that often accompany a career in technology, bolstering resilience and empowering individuals to face adversity with determination.


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