Yesterday, our 14th digital meetup focused on “Performance: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls for Shopware 6 Page Speed.” Three industry experts shared their best practices and discussed future trends in optimizing Shopware 6.

Jon Arne Sæterås

Jon Arne Sæterås (jonarnes most places on the webs) is a mobile guy. He has been an active member and thought leader in the global mobile community since the late nineties. His dream is to make the fully web mobile (no, still not there). Jon Arne is a developer by trade who believes that making the end user happy is the key to success. Nowadays, development is only for recreation as he leads the products team at ScientiaMobile and ImageEngine where he is dedicated to building innovative technology that achieves an optimal user experience. Jon Arne is also an occasional writer, blogger, speaker and book reviewer.

Erwin Hofman

Started developing in 2001, Erwin gained performance knowledge and best practices via trial & error within his own agency and reading many (Google) docs. At the end of the last decade, Erwin started sharing his learnings. Both during public events and privately with merchants & development + SEO agencies via audits & training sessions to help them saving trial & error hours and allowing them to improve decision making with performance in mind.
He shares best practices and (case) insights on regular basis via LinkedIn and co-founded a real monitoring solution (RUMvision).

Wouter den Otter

Wouter is the co-founder of SupportDesk and H1Webdevelopment, they are offering professional Magento and Shopware support with a 40-developer team. With 20+ years of IT experience, he does have a strong technical background in business intelligence, process management and ITIL. His mission is to create transparent, quality business relationships and a positive work culture. As a co-founder of Shopware United, he wants to support making Shopware a global leader by bringing together all stakeholders (merchants, developer, technology provider, agencies, ….) to support flexible, open-source ecommerce software.

Participants also had their questions answered in an engaging Q&A session.

The video recording is now available on our youtube channel.

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