Exciting news! The Shopware United Community Board is thrilled to welcome three esteemed individuals to its ranks. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Boris Redlich, Tim Resl, and Tobias Pierschel, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our international team from Germany.

Boris Redlich, formerly a key player in sales at Shopware, now serves as the Vice President of Sales & Customer Success at PAQATO, a notable after-sales experience platform and Shopware technology partner.

Tim Resl, has been partners with Shopware for over ten years with his company Mediagraphik GmbH. He’s also the brains behind B2Bsellers Suite, which offers lots of useful tools for businesses and is made for Shopware 6.

Tobias Pierschel, co-founder and managing director of Net Inventors – Agentur für digitale Medien GmbH, is renowned as a Shopware Premium Extension Partner. With over 100 extensions available via the Shopware Store, Net Inventors is a pivotal player in the Shopware ecosystem.

Their addition to the Community Board signifies a renewed focus on bolstering our presence in German-speaking regions and steering the Community Directory project towards success. Let’s give Boris, Tim, and Tobias a warm round of applause as they embark on this journey with us!