Finally, after nearly 5 months work,  we can release the full report on the Community Voice project, and what response it has gained from Shopware. It has been a long process, which started with an open meeting way back in February. Since that meeting there has been a careful compilation process, done with the assistance of a number of individuals and stakeholders from the Shopware ecosystem. After that we presented the feedback to the senior management at Shopware and , crucially, ensured that we got a considered answer.

The Report!

We have now received that answer – so we can share it with you all!

You can download the full report using the form underneath, the download link will be pushed inline after your submission.

The Shopware United want to thank the community for all the great feedback that has been received over the last few months throughout this process.It has taken a bit of time , but I think you will all agree that it has been a really worthwhile process. It has been a great honour to provide the forum for all this  – and to have ensured that we get a considered response from Shopware. Credit should go to Tomas Hesseling and his team for all the hard work that has gone into this process.

The Plan Going Forward

Of course giving the community a voice does not stop here, it must be a continuous process, and it vital in ensuring that the Shopware 6 platform evolves in a way that makes sense for all Shopware stakeholders – merchants, agencies, technology platforms and of course Shopware themselves. As a result we will be starting this process again at the end of the year, so that we can again help the community present ordered and coherent feedback to Shopware management.