On Thursday March 31st, over 50 Shopware enthusiasts joined us at Shopware United to discuss  ‘AI in ecommerce’.

It certainly was a fascinating 2 hours of dicussion and conversation, and  the audience was informed about the different ways AI can be applied in ecommerce by 2 panels and 2 case studies.

The first panel covered topics such as:

  • what traits should a merchant consider when using AI?
  • How can AI contribute to the user experience?
  • How does AI comply with privacy laws and GDPR?

After this panel, we learned from Ben, the CTO of the Fish Society, how he has implemented AI in their webshop to customize customer experience and service. Then Jannick, PhD student at the university of Cologne, explained how AI can be used to reduce customer churn by focussing on the right customer groups.

Finally, we concluded with a tech panel concerning questions such as:

  • what is the difference between AI, machine learning, deep neural networks etc.?
  • How do we expect the future of ecommerce to be influenced by AI?

Of course for those that could not attend we have a recording – and I think you will agree that it is a must watch for anyone interested in learning more about AI and how it can be applied to ecommerce!