Shopware United was founded back in June 2020, with the aim of bringing diverse groups of Shopware enthusiasts together under an “English First” banner. So who is involved in the Shopware United management Committee?

Wouter Dieters – Wouter is a Dutch independent eCommerce consultant, with a passion for Open Source commerce

Wouter den Otter – Is the Managing Director of Support Desk, a leading Dutch web agency

Fabian Blechschmidt – Fabian started as Magento developer, became a Shopware developer and ended as a ecommerce consultant

Claudia Tuebner – A longstanding Open Source enthusiast who is now helping Shopware with their developer community events

Martin Tygsen – E-commerce enthusiast who have been working with E-commerce for the last 15 years both as an agency owner and as a merchant. Working hard on introducing Shopware into the Scandinavian market.

Sander Mangel – A Dutch eCommerce Solutions Architect and outsourcing consultant – based in Italy

Justin Biddle – Justin has been working for over 13 years in ecommerce – and used to run a Magento agency, Flint Technology. He now consults for Shopware in the UK market.

Rabia Qureshi – Rabia is the Chief Customer Officer at GPMD a London based Magento/Shopware/Big Commerce agency

Damian Culotta – A longstanding Open Source ecommerce developer from Argentina

Margareta Baruian – Is the Managing Partner at Oak3 – a Romanian Open Source ecommerce agency

Borys Skraba – CEO of Strix, the leading Polish web agency

The Shopware United board is not a static institution, we are bringing on new board members all the time, with the intent of making the committee as diverse and representative as possible. We also have a plenty of people who are helping out in working groups and at events. If you want to get involved, either by serving on the committee, or in a working group then please get in touch.