In January 2021, Shopware United embarked on a groundbreaking initiative with a clear goal in mind – to create a premium and impactful new certification program. Recognizing the need for a robust certification, especially since the manufacturer, Shopware, had yet to fill this gap, the team at Shopware United took it upon themselves to bridge this divide.

The vision was ambitious, aiming to develop a certification that would benefit a wide range of professionals, including Business Analysts, eCommerce Solution Architects, E-Commerce Strategists, Shopware Platform Users, E-commerce Consultants, and E-commerce Salespeople. This inclusive approach reflected the team’s commitment to empowering individuals across various roles within the e-commerce ecosystem.

At the core of the certification lay a carefully crafted syllabus, comprising four essential areas of knowledge:

  • General E-commerce Knowledge:

This section covered foundational concepts and principles of the e-commerce industry, providing candidates with a holistic understanding of the domain.

  • Shopware 6 Features:

As Shopware’s latest version, understanding its features was pivotal for any e-commerce professional. This section delved into the specifics of Shopware 6, equipping candidates with in-depth knowledge.

  • Shopware 6 Architecture and Concepts:

Comprehending the underlying architecture and concepts of Shopware 6 was crucial for effectively leveraging its capabilities. This section offered insights into the platform’s design and structure.

  • Successful Implementation of Shopware 6 Projects:

Practical expertise in implementing Shopware 6 projects was a key aspect of the certification. Candidates were taught the best practices for seamless project execution.

Collaboration was at the heart of this endeavor, and the Shopware community played a central role. The combined efforts of nearly 40 active contributors from the Shopware community proved instrumental in creating the comprehensive question bank for the certification. The result was an impressive array of almost 150 well-crafted questions, each accompanied by relevant and accurate answers, covering diverse topics.

Excitement grew as summer 2022 approached, with Shopware making a momentous decision. The company recognized the immense value of the Shopware Solution Specialist Certification and embraced it as an official Shopware certification. From that point onward, the project evolved into a joint venture between Shopware United and Shopware, benefiting from the expertise and support of both entities.

Beyond the certification, the collaboration yielded yet another valuable resource – a shared Solution Architect Training program. This specialized training served as a preparation course for aspiring Solution Specialists, empowering them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the certification.

The journey of the Shopware Solution Specialist Certification exemplified the power of community-driven initiatives. It showcased how a dedicated group of professionals, fueled by a collective vision, can create transformative opportunities for the entire e-commerce ecosystem. By empowering diverse roles with a comprehensive certification and training, the Shopware Solution Specialist program has become a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path for e-commerce professionals to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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