In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and acquiring relevant expertise is crucial for professionals. Recognizing the need for an improved certification program, Shopware United embarked on a mission to develop the Shopware Solution Specialist exam. This exam aimed to address the dissatisfaction surrounding outdated certifications by Shopware, expand its focus beyond developers, and involve the vibrant Shopware community in its creation. Let’s delve into the inspiring journey that led to the development of this meaningful certification.

Revamping the Certification Landscape: In May 2021, Shopware United initiated a project to revamp Shopware’s certification program. The existing certifications were primarily tailored for backend and frontend developers, failing to cater to a broader audience comprising eCommerce project managers, salespeople, and specialists. Recognizing this gap, Shopware United decided to create an all-encompassing certification that would validate deep knowledge of the Shopware platform.

To ensure comprehensive coverage, the Shopware Solution Specialist certification was designed around four key areas: General eCommerce Knowledge, Shopware 6 Features, Successful Shopware 6 Implementation, and Shopware 6 Architecture and Concepts. A detailed syllabus was meticulously developed to provide a framework for the certification’s content.

Shopware United actively involved the Shopware community in the certification’s creation process. They established a platform where community members could contribute their expertise by submitting new questions and answers. This collaborative approach allowed the certification to benefit from the collective wisdom and experiences of the diverse community.

In June 2022, Shopware expressed its interest in integrating the Solution Specialist exam into their new partner program. This collaboration led to a two-day community event held in Amsterdam in September 2022. Approximately 40 specialists from partner organizations convened to review and enhance the existing syllabus and questions. Ultimately, a pool of around 140 carefully curated questions was created, representing a blend of expert insights and community contributions.

Months of meticulous organization and structuring followed as Shopware and Shopware United worked towards creating a polished final exam. In May 2023, a beta exam was conducted, incorporating approximately 120 questions across the four key areas. Each student was presented with 50 questions to answer within a 70-minute timeframe. Remarkably, 9 out of the 29 attendees achieved a passing score of 75% or higher, showcasing the effectiveness of the exam’s evaluation process.

While preparing for the beta exam, Shopware and Shopware United simultaneously worked on developing an exam guide. This comprehensive resource served as a valuable reference for individuals seeking to pass the exam. The guide included essential information, supplemented by instructive videos that filled any gaps in knowledge.

The development of the Shopware Solution Specialist exam stands as a testament to the power of community collaboration and the commitment to excellence within the Shopware ecosystem. By addressing the limitations of previous certifications and actively involving the community, Shopware United successfully created a certification that reflects the diverse skill set required in the world of e-commerce. The Solution Specialist exam not only guarantees clients a high level of expertise but also provides professionals with a valuable opportunity to validate their knowledge and enhance their careers within the Shopware platform.

The Shopware Solution Specialist exam is available through the Shopware website.

We are very happy and proud about the great support from the community. We would like to thank some of the key contributors by naming them here:

– Melvin Achterhuis / Netherlands
– Alexander Batenburg / Netherlands
– Joshua Behrens / Germany
– Justin Biddle / United Kingdom
– Glenn Billeau / Belgium
– Dennis Bottram / Netherlands
– Christian Dangl / Germany
– Gijs Epping / Netherlands
– Pim Hofman / Netherlands
– Don Bosco van Hoi / Germany
– Glenn Jans / Belgium
– Pascal Klein / Germany
– Uwe Kleinmann / Germany
– Johan Koppenaal / Netherlands
– Josef Maxwell / USA
– Jacqueline Merse / Germany
– Johan Moorman / Netherlands
– Ilya Naroska / Germany
– Jacky Raimond / Netherlands
– Kristof van Roy / Belgium
– Maarten de Smit / Netherlands
– Robbert de Smit / Netherlands
– Roy Andre Toleffsen / Norway
– Martin Tygsen / Denmark
– Marco Vogelaar / Netherlands